Linux Specialists - Cambridge, UK

  1. Custom Built Computers For Gaming, Home Office & Server. | Newmarket | Ely | Cambridge

    Wed 23 July 2014

    Bespoke PC's | No computer knowledge necessary- just tell us what its for, a rough budget and leave the rest to us!

  2. Computer Upgrade Service | Cambridge, Newmarket & Ely |

    Tue 22 July 2014

    Computer Upgrades. No computer knowledge necessary! We will find out what you need.

  3. Computer Upgrades & Custom Build PC | Local Service in Cambridgeshire

    Tue 15 July 2014

    All about our pickup and drop off service around Cambridgeshire.

  4. Laptop Screen Replacement - Cambridge

    Mon 03 March 2014

    We now offer full collect, repair and drop off service for laptops and notebooks around cambridge, burwell and newmarket.

  5. Computer Services in Burwell, UK

    Thu 30 January 2014

    We offer a variety of computer, laptop and smartphone repair services in Burwell.

  6. Computer & Laptop Tune-up Services in Burwell, Cambridgeshire, UK

    Tue 07 January 2014

    We now offer a flat fee computer and laptop tune-up service around the burwell area.

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